March 2, 1944

Dear Mom,

Long time no write - long time plenty busy. I've finished all my night flying - in fact, two days ago. That means I've been sleeping nights for a change. I have one more day cross country and then four hours of transition and I'll be all through. It rained here again today - if it don't stay clear for a while we'll never get our time in. It sure has rained a lot down here for a desert. Last week a formation was flying around above the overcast and got lost. They finally made a forced landing about 200 miles down in Mexico. They just got back the other day. I haven't been in Mexico yet because we don't get any time off. The other night we went on a cross country to Phoenix - it sure looked like a big town with all the lights. Some of the guys are going to get a chance to fly back to Stockton. Sure hope I'm one of them. We ought to leave here next Monday. Just two more weeks before the big day. I don't know what I'll be or what I'll fly yet. I'll tell you all about it when I get home. I'm trying to get passage on the City of Frisco but it's not sure as yet. I got your cookies OK. I like them alright but Doris sends peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. If I take the City of Frisco I'll get in Chi. 12:15 PM noon on the 16th. If Robin's around it would be nice if he could meet me and be sure and bring Doris along with you. I sure wish I had three times as long to spend at home. It sure is a hell of a problem. I don't believe I'll do any sleeping while I'm home. It would make it easier if you could have all the relatives at home one night or day or something. The way I figure, I'll get four days at home. If you told me right, the night of the 16th will be Robin's last night home. I would like to go out with him that night. Sunday might be a good day to see everyone. I can just see you after you read this. I sure am in a hell of a spot. I imagine all my relatives will love me for it, but I can't get to see them all if I have to go see them individually. Then, after going through all this shit for a year I want to forget it for a while. Do you think the folks will like me when I'm plastered? I guess I just better not come home and then everyone will be happy. Well, this is a hell of a letter, but I'm really going dizzy. Does Pa work seven days a week or does he get Sunday off? If he don't, he better plan on staying home one day at least.

Loads of love,

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